Webcast WebSphere en Julio 2011: Desarrollando aplicaciones moviles con tecnologia WebSphere

Global WebSphere Community

The Global WebSphere Community July 2011 Monthly Focus:
Developing Mobile Applications with WebSphere Technology

Date: July 14, 2011
Time: 11:00 am EDT
Title: Enterprise Development Options for Mobile Devices

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Abstract: Many of today’s applications must not only run on the desktop and a Web browser but, increasingly, on smart phones and tablets as well. Software developers now are faced with the challenge of adapting their apps to these mobile devices.

This presentation looks at the many issues facing enterprise software developers and discusses the choices they face when creating mobile versions of their enterprise applications. Explore the pros and cons of the various alternatives and get an introduction to IBM’s suggested approach.

Meet the Presenter

Todd Kaplinger, Web 2.0 and Mobile Release Architect, IBM

Todd Kaplinger is a Senior Software Engineer and IBM Master Inventor in IBM’s WebSphere Technology Institute, currently working as the Release Architect for the just released Web 2.0 & Mobile Feature Pack v1.1. Todd is an expert in Web-based technologies such as Dojo, JSP, Servlet, and PHP with a recent focus on emerging Web 2.0 technologies and their impact on the enterprise. Todd has been Lead Architect on other WebSphere projects and has also participated in the JSR 154 Servlet 2.5 Specification as IBM’s representative in the Servlet Expert Group.

Date: July 28, 2011
Topic: Overview of the WebSphere Application Server Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature Pack
Time: 11:00 AM EDT

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The latest release of the Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature Pack contains a full spectrum of services to enable enterprise software developers to now create applications for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). Developers can take desktop and Web browser user interfaces and reuse their back-end connectivity to WebSphere to create mobile versions of their apps (with each version respecting the native platform’s look and feel). The Feature Pack leverages many well-known open standards technologies for maximum developer productivity. This presentation will explore the technical features and benefits of the new Feature Pack and is designed for software developers and architects.

Meet the Presenter

Chris Mitchell, Senior Technical Staff Member, and Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature Pack Lead Architect, IBM

Chris Mitchell is the Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for for Web2.0 & Mobile strategy and UI technologies in the Application Integration Middleware division which includes the WebSphere product line. Chris is the chief architect for the Web2.0 & Mobile Feature pack for WebSphere, which was recently announced this spring, and is a committer on the Dojo open source project. You can follow Chris on Twitter at ccmitchellusa.

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